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I make authentically styled Early American primitive edged tools for reeanctors, living history enthusiasts and hunters.


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Nessmuk Bag Axe

In the 1800ís outdoor writer George Washington Sears designed, used, and made popular through his writings a new concept, the light weight pack axe. Nessmuk was Searsí pen name. (Do a search for ďNessmukĒ and youíll be amazed at the information.)

This version of the Nessmuk axe is near the same shape and size as the original. With a 12 inch handle it weighs around 1 pound 6 ounces with sheath. In the near future, Iíll be offering several prototypes for sale.

These first prototypes were cast in either 52100 ball bearing steel, S5 shock resistant steel, or D2 high carbon tool steel. Handles are flame hardened hickory. Sheaths are hand-stitched horse hide with antler buttons and rawhide reinforcing to prevent the blade from cutting the sheath upon insertion.

I do not take orders, nor do I maintain a waiting list. As I have axes available, Iíll post them here one at a time. If you see one, it is available. If you want it CALL ME to reserve it. You can pay online.

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